Alice White Shiraz 2005

Price: $6
Maker: Alice White
Variety: Shiraz
Packaging: Bottle, artificial cork
Our Rating: 8 out of 10

The Alice White Shiraz 2005 is likely to be one of the cheaper bottles of Shiraz on your supermarket shelf, and, if you are willing to wait a bit, it might be worth a taste. At first sampling, this wine seemed a bit thin and harsh. Fortunately, we had to put the partially consumed bottle aside for a day. The additional breathing effected a positive transformation in this young wine, perhaps prematurely aging it. When we tried it again, it was smoother, and offered a nice berry/plum jamminess. The finish had a bit of acidity. We found the Alice White Shiraz for a little under five dollars, making it a good value for the eventual flavor.

Oddly, although the Alice White website is chock full of kangaroos, boomerangs, “barbie” references, and just about every other Australian cliche, the winery seems to be based in California.

Other comments… the KnoxJon blog calls it “way underpriced“. The RealWorldWiners called it, “the Coors Light of wines“.

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