AOL Picks Best Cheap Wines

Most major media seem to ignore inexpensive wines, so we were delighted to see AOL Food picking “Top Wines for $5.99 or Less.” This is definitely the area we like to mine for hidden gems, so we read their picks with interest and will definitely seek some of them out in our local wine stores in the coming weeks. Here are their top picks for cheap wines:

  1. Trader Joe’s Coastal Cabernet – red – $5
  2. Amaicha Torrontes – white – $5
  3. Banrock Station Shiraz – red – $6
  4. Barefoot California Merlot – red – $6
  5. Barefoot California Chardonnay – white – $6

We reported on Banrock Station Shiraz back in February, and liked it fairly well. We haven’t tried either of the Barefoot varietals they recommend, but we did try Barefoot Zinfandel and Barefoot California Syrah, and found the Zin particularly appealing.

It’s great that quality sub-$10 wines are getting some attention – we can only hope to see more press on this topic.

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