Art and Wine Pairing

Gallery Wine & ArtWe’re all used to food pairing with wine, but how about paintings and wine? I ran across an interesting article, Paintings and Wine……Why Not!? The post focused on the opening of a new art & wine shop in Kirkland, WA, Palettes and Pairings. In this shop, the patrons can create the art themselves while enjoying wine and appetizers. Clever idea, particularly if you need a glass or two to release your artistic side!

If you don’t fancy being the artist yourself, the article also mentions Gallery Wine, another Kirkland wine shop. This establishment displays art from local artists (for sale, of course) and hosts art & wine events as well.

This kind of pairing makes a lot of sense. Wine is a staple at gallery openings, but usually the wine is an afterthought. Unless it’s a rather nice gallery, you might get served a very cheap bottled wine or even something like an awful Franzia box wine. After all, the focus at these events is on the art. The wine and canapes are just there because people expect them.

Putting the art and wine on a more equal footing should make for an interesting ambiance, and will have the benefit of cross-pollinating the art and wine communities. Art lovers will be introduced to wine appreciation, and wine lovers who wouldn’t have visited an art gallery on their own will gain exposure to interesting art. It will be interesting to see how these businesses do, particularly the one where you make your own art.

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