Low Prices on Australian Wines

Strong harvests and wine production in Australia are leading to high export levels but lower prices, according to How to get hung over on down under prices.

The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation report for the year to April shows wine export sales creeping up 0.4 per cent to $2.77 billion. Export volume jumped 8 per cent but this was offset by a 7 per cent fall in the average price to $3.89 a litre.

Notably, the volume of Australian wine shipped to the US grew 8 per cent to 202 million liters, but the value of these shipments fell 2 per cent to $887 million. Bad news for the wine producers, but great values for U.S. wine drinkers. At Box Wines affordability is important, and a near 10% drop in per liter price is good news.

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