Black Mountain Vineyard Zinfandel 2005

Price: $6
Maker: Black Mountain Vineyard, Napa, California
Varietal: Zinfandel
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, natural cork
Alcohol: 12.5%
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Black Mountain Vineyard Zinfandel 2005 (Cramer Ridge) is yet another find from my recent Trader Joe’s visit. And, like the other purchase so far, this one was a good find and a nice value. This may not be the biggest and boldest of Zins, but it’s certainly pleasant enough. It has a spicy, smoky nose. It’s medium bodied, and starts with plum and cherry notes, which segue into a brief, moderately spicy finish. There’s not a lot of complexity, but this Zin is well balanced and highly drinkable. Consider it a “crowd pleaser.”

We’d pair this wine with pizza or burgers – it’s a very accessible wine, and would make a good inexpensive party wine as well. We couldn’t find out anything about Black Mountain Vineyard on the Web. If you’ve got a link, feel free to post it.

5 thoughts on “Black Mountain Vineyard Zinfandel 2005”

  1. This is a great wine and we only oaid $4.99 per bottle at our local Monrovi, CA Trader Joe’s. Very good with BBQ!!!!!!!!

  2. Had this at the SF Playhouse last night and was blown away. Then come to find out it’s a bargain and at Trader Joe’s — I’m buying a case today.

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