Bocce Zinfandel 2004

Bocce ZinfandelPrice: $9
Maker: Bocce Cellars, Graton, California
Varietal: Zinfandel
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, artificial cork
Alcohol: 13.9%
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Bocce Zinfandel 2004 features a colorful, old fashioned label that is reminscent of the winery’s history and the Cesar Mondavi’s love of playing bocce. The wine has a pleasant nose with lots of blackberry, licorice, and spice. Its flavor is fruit-forward with cherries and blueberries, and a somewhat tannic finish. With time, the flavor deepened and the finish became longer and more pleasant. This Zin doesn’t excel in any single area – it’s not big, it’s not complex, and the finish is comparatively short – but the overall effect is very, very nice. Bocce Zinfandel is likable and a fine pairing with Marinara-based dishes.

We like the philosphy espoused by a member of the founding family, Rosa Mondavi: “Simply, Rosa believed that when offered wine, a friend or relative was being polite by consuming one glass. Two or three glasses, however, meant the wine was very good and you had truly done your job as a winemaker.” For more information about Bocce Winery and its products, as well as a full set of instructions on how to play the game of bocce, visit the winery’s website.

4 thoughts on “Bocce Zinfandel 2004”

  1. I was totally hooked on this wine for several months when it was constantly on sale at my local grocery store, but now it’s consistently at or above $10, and a different year with a new, hip label.

  2. Where can I purchase Bocce in the Arlington Heights area? Chicago, Illinois suburbs

    Trader Joe?
    Jewel ?
    Dominick’s ?

  3. Where in the St. Louis MO area can I purchase your wines with the Bocce label. Or, nearby areas such as Manchester MO., Chesterfield MO., Des Peres MO. Please advise. Thanks

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