Bolla Valpolicella 2004

Price: $8
Maker: Fratelli Bolla, Verona, Italy
Varietal: Valpolicella
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, artificial cork
Alcohol: 12.5%
Our Rating: 6.5 out of 10

I tried this wine years ago and had a dim but fond memory of that experience when I cracked open a bottle of Bolla Valpolicella 2004. The aroma hinted at a promising flavor, with floral and spice notes. The wine was a disappointment in the mouth, though, as the berry flavors were overwhelmed by sharp tannins and a peppery acidity that practically scorched the throat on the way down. Even with plenty of opportunity to breathe, the wine failed to improve.

Based on my own much earlier experience and the favorable comments of many others about Bolla wines in general and their Valpolicella in particular, I can only assume that I picked a bad bottle, or a bottle from an inferior batch. Perhaps we’ll give one of their other varietals a try, or wait for the 2005 Valpolicella.

2 thoughts on “Bolla Valpolicella 2004”

  1. I have tried Bolla as well. I was disapointed. It was one that was almost bad enough to send down into the sewer system via the kitchen sink.

  2. Kimbob, after giving this Bolla wine a few widely-spaced tries, I actually DID end up dumping a third of a bottle or so.

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