Box Wines Officially Fastest Growing

3-liter box wines are now the fastest growing category of wine packages, according to an AP story in The Napa Valley Register, Box wine becomes something worth toasting by AP Business Writer Lauren Shepherd.

Box wine is now the fastest growing wine category. According to data from AC Nielsen, three liter box wine volume grew 44 percent in the past year, compared to a three percent gain in overall table wine volume. “It’s gaining tremendous acceptance by the consumer,” said Ben Dollard, president of Pacific Wine Partners, a division of Constellation Brands. “It’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

The article also contains information about the changing demographics of boxed wine consumers:

According to a 2005 Constellation Brands consumer study called Project Genome, wine drinkers can be sifted into six different categories based on their preferences and attitudes about wine. Leslie Joseph, vice president of consumer research at Constellation Brands, said the research found that three-liter buyers mainly fit into the “image-seeker” category populated with younger males eager to be seen as trendy and hip.

“They’re the people with the newest toys,” Joseph said. And “they like to educate their friends.”

The age range of the average box wine drinker has been changing, though, Insel said.

Most people assumed the new wine was mainly for the millennials — or those drinkers who turned 21 after 2000 — who were “looking for a cool new unpretentious way to drink wine”, Insel said, “but baby boomers are buying it now.”

The road to becoming an acceptable bottle alternative to both the younger and the older generations has taken years. To attract them, Dollard’s brands — which include Black Box, Blackstone Winery and Hardy’s — focused first on how to bring elegance to the box.

This is one of the lengthier and more detailed articles we’ve seen on the boxed wine topic – well worth a read if you are interested in the business side of wines.

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