Boxxle: Elegant Box Wine Dispenser

Boxxle boxed wine dispenser
Boxxle for boxed wine
We box wine enthusiasts love the good parts of boxed wines: freshness for weeks after opening, minimal storage space, low environmental impact, and better-than-bottle pricing. But we have to admit there are a few annoyances (beyond lacking the satisfaction of extracting a cork). For one, getting the last glass or so out of the box requires extracting the inner bag and squeezing it into a glass. Second, since the wine is dispensed by gravity, the spigot is at the bottom of the box – you either have to set the box on the edge of your counter or table or place it on some kind of platform to pour into a glass. Boxxle may be the answer!

The idea behind Boxxle is simple enough – here’s a video from Kickstarter, where Boxxle founder Tripp Middleton is seeking enough orders to fund their production:

Boxxle pressurizes the bag storage area so that the wine can be dispensed from its top. Not only can you easily pour into a glass, but no manual squeezing is needed to get the last glass or two out of the box. Plus, from a decor standpoint, the sleek Boxxle looks better than the typical wine box. It is designed to accommodate 3-liter bags, which is the standard size for better quality wine boxes.

Be One of the First Boxxle Owners

BoxxleHere’s the catch – you can’t buy a Boxxle right now. With a month to go in the funding effort, a little more than 10% of the required $75K has been raised from box wine enthusiasts. YOU can make a difference! The way Kickstarter works is that you agree to supply a specific amount of funding if the whole deal gets done. So, for a commitment of $75, you get to be one of the first Boxxle owners. (They expect it to retail for about $100.) Other levels from $5 to $350 are available. If the funding goal isn’t reached, no money changes hands. (This is my quick summary, if you participate be sure to read the details.)

So, check out the Boxxle Kickstarter page and the Boxxle website. I think this would be a great addition to any box wine lover’s kitchen, and might even have commercial applications.

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