BV Coastal Estates Zinfandel 2003

BV Coastal Estates ZinfandelPrice: $11
Maker: Beaulieu Vineyard, Sonoma, California
Variety: Zinfandel
Packaging: Bottle, natural cork
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

BV Coastal Estates Zinfandel 2003 is impressive out of the gate – its nose is strong and richly scented with berries and spice. Its flavor doesn’t disappoint, either – it features raspberry and cherry notes, with spice and oak. The spice increases in the finish. We found this BV wine on sale for under $10, and wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

The Beaulieu Vineyard website suggests that the flavor of the Coastal Estates wine is influenced by the coastal mountain ranges and gentle Pacific breezes. The bottle itself notes that the “cool coastal morning fog allowed the grapes extra time to ripen on the vines.” Whatever geographic characteristics you want to blame, this Beaulieu zin is a nice wine for the price.

2 thoughts on “BV Coastal Estates Zinfandel 2003”

  1. Great wine for its price. I picked this up for valentines dinner at home. Nice fresh berry flavers and bold. I liked it.

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