Collection des Chateaux de Boardeaux

Collection des Chateaux BordeauxPrice: $9
Maker: Prestige Wine Group, Princeton, Minnesota (importer)
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, artificial cork
Alcohol: 13%
Our Rating: 8 out of 10

Collection des Chateaux de Boardeaux has a nice marketing pitch. The label explains that the year-to-year variations in Bordeaux vintages frustrate the wine drinker – some should be drunk young, others laid-down, and still others avoided altogether. So, Gerard Basset, European Sommelier of the Year, and Robert Joseph, an award-winning wine critic, have teamed up to taste over 100 wines from different Bordeaux chateaux and vineyards, and create a blend of wines that can be drunk immediately but can also be cellared for a year or two. This is the first cuvée, a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

We found the aroma to be a rather intense mix of cherry and currant. The flavor is dry, in the European style, with less fruit and more mineral notes. The flavor notes were predominantly oak, woody elements, and pepper, with somewhat weaker raspberry notes. This is definitely not a “fruit bomb” wine… it has a relatively complex flavor, and a lingering, if somewhat tannic, finish.

I like a bit more fruit in a wine’s structure, but Collection des Chateaux may appeal to those who try to avoid California and Australian wines they consider to be too fruity. The packaging is simple but elegant, and our bottle featured and additional hang tag explaining the wine’s concept. Collection des Chateaux would make a nice gift at the inexpensive end of the spectrum, as it has had relatively little exposure, it has its origin in Boardeaux, France, and its story implies that experts have chosen carefully to bring you the best possible wine. If you choose to use this Bordeaux as a gift, though, be sure the recipients are likely to appreciate a red from the dry and tannic end of the spectrum.

11 thoughts on “Collection des Chateaux de Boardeaux”

  1. I found this wine on sale this week (2/9/07) at World Market for $5.00 per bottle. May I suggest it is a good wine and at this price is a very good buy. Enjoy!!

  2. I want to try this wine. I am from New York and would like to buy this wine for a office party. However, I cannot find this wine locally. Would you mind posting the distributor’s contact info here? (or a wine shop’s contact info).

  3. No idea, Andrew – I’d suggest calling some of the larger wine shops in your area. If you are on good terms with one particular shop, ask them to check with their distributor(s) to see if it’s available at all. Unfortunately, the crazy laws and lack of national distribution often mean wine is available in one place but not another. Good luck!

  4. I am enjoying my first glass of this tasty find right now and enjoyed reading about the wine here… Found it in a small local store near my home in Waterford, Wisconsin… Paid a bit more than I probably had to ($9.99) but was drawn in by the fine packaging and my curiosity… This would be well complimented with some aged Cheddar or some Havarti Dill cheese… I would buy this again, but would definately shop it in some of the larger “Wholesale” liquor stores in my area where I am sure I can find this for a couple of dollars less… Thanks for allowing me to post my two cents worth…
    Bob Striegel

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