Fish Eye Shiraz 2003

Fish Eye Shiraz BoxPrice: $19
Maker: Fisheye Wines, Ripon, California
Variety: Shiraz
Packaging: 3-liter box
Alcohol: 13%
Our Rating: 8 out of 10

One of the newer boxes we’ve spotted in our local market is Fish Eye Shiraz 2003 – we’ve seen their wines in the standard 750ml bottles, but it’s now available in 3-liter boxes as well. The wine has a nice aroma with leather, berry, and spice notes. The flavor is plummy with additional cherry and oak notes leading into a slightly peppery finish. We found this wine to be a bit better if it’s given a chance to breathe. That’s a bit more challenging for a boxed wine, since you can’t just leave it uncorked on the counter for a while. So, either decant some or pour your glasses early.

One minor quibble we have with this wine’s packaging is its twist-spigot pouring mechanism. This is similar to the dispensers used on some of the 5-liter ultra-cheap boxes, and has an annoying tendency to dribble. The spigot doesn’t actually leak, but shortly after one pours a glass an additional drop of wine is released. By that time, the glass is gone and the drop lands on whatever is underneath the spigot. This isn’t a huge issue, but since some makers seem to have perfected the drip-free, push-button spigot we see no reason for a winemaker to incorporate the old-style twist kind.

Overall, we didn’t find this to be a great Shiraz, but some oxygen definitely made it quite drinkable. For a “glass a day” drinker who leans toward a fruitier red, Fish Eye Shiraz might not be a bad choice.

5 thoughts on “Fish Eye Shiraz 2003”

  1. I tried this and find it to be quite good. It tastes best cooled a bit; and I decant what I plan to enjoy in a small decanter to aerate. I also do not like the spigot for the above-mentioned reason.

    My one question to anyone out there; why would there be a best by date stamped on my box? I’ve never had a wine with “best by” advice. I tried the 2004 Shiraz and it says on the top of the box: Best when it is consumed before: May 31, 2007.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Fish Eye as an everyday drinker. I found it to be jammy, with a small pepper finish. I am on my second box.

  3. The best by date is there because boxed wine has a shelf life unlike bottled wine. Over time the bag the wine is in lets air very slowly pass through.

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