Forest Glen Merlot 2003

Forest Glen MerlotPrice: $7
Maker: Forest Glen Winery, Sonoma, California
Variety: Merlot
Packaging: Bottle, natural cork
Alcohol: 12.5%
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

When we tasted Forest Glen Merlot 2003, we have to admit we were a wee bit biased. A few years ago, this wine got us interested in wines again. When we signed up for Wyndham Hotels affinity program, they ask for beverage and snack preferences. We registered our preference for Sam Adams beer and red wine; when we showed up in our room, a snack basket and a half-bottle of Forest Glen Merlot were waiting . Although at the moment we wondered where our Sam Adams went, we enjoyed the oaky flavor of the Merlot. That was one factor in our increased interest in wine tasting. (We highly recommend Wyndham’s ByRequest program – it’s free, it usually provides a cheaper room rate, and they almost always remember your wine and snack preferences and have them waiting in your room.)

Back to the wine… Forest Glen Merlot 2003 has a powerful berry and licorice nose. Its flavor has strong oak and somewhat weaker blackberry notes, with a slightly puckery acidic finish. Although we usually prefer a bit more fruit, as noted above we have a soft spot for the oaky character of this wine. As the Celebrate Wine blog says, “wow!’

One thought on “Forest Glen Merlot 2003”

  1. This was the first wine out of about 50 that I sampled at the Long Beach Grand Cru wine tasting this weekend and all of the rest paled by comparison. This is a great merlot. I am not terribly sophisticated when it comes to wine, but I know good when I taste it. When I commented on the wine to one of the volunteers, she said it was her favorite as well. Now if I could only find a store in Los Angeles that carries it…

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