Franzia Chillable Red

Price: $10
Maker: Franzia Wines
Varietal: Unknown
Packaging: 5 liter box
Our Rating: 5 out of 10

We admit it – we didn’t actually buy this wine. We had an opporunity to taste it at an event, so why not report on it? Franzia Chillable Red has little detectable aroma. Its flavor is a thin-bodied sweet cherry flavor, and the finish is more or less non-existent. This is a wine with few redeeming values. As an alternative to a soft drink, for chugging in a cold state, perhaps it might suffice. It barely deserves the “wine” designation, though.

We’d recommend steering clear of this one. Products like this give boxed wines a bad name, particularly since Franzia’s products are visible in just about every supermarket.

13 thoughts on “Franzia Chillable Red”

  1. We’ve all had the “opportunity” to sample such plonk at one event or another. Thanks for the review. Comment on what’s NOT GOOD is almost as important as comment on what’s GOOD. Your remark that “It barely deserves the ‘wine’ designation” is particularly appropos and timely in regard to the ongoing actions of the Washington State Liquor Control Board … see
    The WSLCB questions whether this “table wine with natural flavors” even “barely” deserves to be called wine!
    Fly by Night

  2. What is the alcohol percent by volume of Franzia’s Chillable Red? I was wondering if it was stronger than Old English 800. What is the percentage difference?

  3. We have been drinking the box wine & enjoy it
    very much but the last box I bought is
    WATERED down so badly, we cannot drink it.
    Who can I talk to about that? I would like my
    money back since I paid 10.49 for it.

    1. Dot, boxed wine (like any other wine) can go bad. Your best bet is to go to the retailer where you purchased it. You should also check the date on the box, as box wines don’t last forever – their shelf life is a year or so at most.

  4. Just wanted to add a little note… I love this wine I have been drinking this for years as well as my whole family. every time we have a special dinner get together we always have this wine on hand. It is not always in the liquor store allot of times it is sold out. Just saying.

    1. Well i say chillable red is a great wine to enjoy sipping i approve of it and some comments were sayn it not a good wine,i totally disagree!I’m 100% satisfied with da taste?

  5. In trying to find the complaint dept. for Franzia wine,this is all i can find,so here goes.After enjoying Franzia Chillable Red for years,my wife brought home a new box of wine for me today.The wine has soured on the shelf,even tho the exp. date is Jan,20,2013.After opening,I noticed the box and the bag of wine was bulgingl and the wine was horrible tasting! Down the sink drain that glass of wine went!I hope I get somebody’s attention at Franzia on this. Sincerely Gary Wilton

    1. Have you tried the store where you bought it? If this box was very different than past boxes, it may have been stored or transported improperly. High temperatures can harm a wine, even one like this.

  6. Have always drank your wine. My sister and I bought 3 boxes a piece at a store in Springfield, Illinois. They had coupons $3.00 off a box mail in rebate. We both sent ours in. 2 days later, I had wine all over my kitchen floor!!!!! The bags have holes in them! My sister takes hers out of the box and puts the bags in her crisper drawer. Wine all over her refridgerator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t drink all these bags fast enough to not waste them!!! I am very disapointed that you had them on sale to get rid of them for this reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I really like Franzia chillable red. I’ve been trying to find a wine that i like more but I guess I am fortunate enough to like a cheap one.

  8. Have been using red chillable red for years and have never had a problem until yesterday, Oct.11. When we tried to open there was a small hole near spout so of course we lost most of wine . No way to stop it from leaking. Code on box was 0 83120 19231 2 It was botght at Walmarts in Ocala Fl.

  9. I’ve been having heart problems lately. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure in 2001 but it went away. I have tried to take measures to heal my heart. I am trying the natural resveratrol found in this Chillable Red wine. After the first glass, I was really surprised how good it is. It is my Christmas present this year. Don’t stop making affordable and drinkable red wine. I am so glad that it is not too over-powerfully sweet!

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