Inc. Magazine Profiles Fred Franzia

Inc profiles Fred FranziaFred Franzia, chairman and CEO of Bronco Wine, and marketer of the ubiquitous boxed wine bearing his name, is profiled in the May, 2006 issue of Inc. Magazine. It’s not available online at this moment, but if you pick up a hardcopy you’ll find the article titled, “The Scourge of Napa Valley.”

Franzia is pictured as a bellicose but canny entrepreneur who thinks the only good wine is a cheap wine. His favorite claim is that no bottle of wine is worth more than $10. His firm originated the ultravalue wine concept by releasing Charles Shaw wines for $1.99 in California – the brand quickly became known as “Two Buck Chuck” wine.

Bronco Wine owns nearly three quarters as much vineyard acreage as all of Napa Valley combined. Their operations are major industry-scale in size. Their storage tanks EACH hold 700,000 gallons of wine, about 3.5 million bottles.

Franzia has had his share of legal problems, partly stemming from his belief that tightly controlled appellations like “Napa Valley” are bogus. He’s had problems with substituting cheaper grapes for more costly ones, and has sought to use appellation labels on other wines by using the grandfathered status of a brand.

Still, Franzia soldiers on, committed to producing more wine at highly affordable prices. His newest plan is a brand called Napa River, designed to sell for under $5 while still using real Napa grapes.

Wine lovers should definitely read this story, either in the print copy or on the Inc. site after May 23, 2006. Love him or hate him, Fred Franzia is a major player in the US wine industry.

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  1. Thank BACCHUS that someone has the guts, savvy and chutzpah to prove that wine can now come out of the SNOB closet.

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