Frei Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon 2002

Price: $20
Maker: Frei Brothers
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, natural cork
Our Rating: 9 out of 10

OK, at $20 per bottle, Frei Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon (Alexander Valley) 2002 is a bit pricier than we usually review here at Box Wines. But, we had a chacne to try it, and decided to pass along our notes. The first thing that strikes one about this cab is the strong, spicy aroma. The flavor is consistent with the nose, characterized by a smooth, layered spiciness. The fruit is a bit weak, but herbal notes, oak, and a hint of chocolate augment the spice for a robust, complex flavor.

I tend to be partial to fruit-forward reds, but I liked this wine a lot. It accompanied a superb filet, for a stunning combination.

The elcatavinos blog said about the 2000 vintage,

This wine is a very deep red with medium legs. This wine has a leathery nose. Has good fruit flavors with earth and leather mixed in. Has a clean finish albeit relatively short.

If you are looking for a not-so-cheap cab with a rich flavor that differs from the typical cab, try the Frei Brothers Alexander Valley version.

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