French Drinking Box Wines

According to Food Production Daily, new information from France indicates that bag-in-box packaging is gaining ground.

Françoise Brugière of Viniflhor, France’s national wine industry board, said a 2006 survey by the organisation found that 12.5 per cent of consumers said they had bought wine in bag-in-box packaging, a two percentage points rise over 2005.

The survey also found that 68 per cent said they would serve wine in the packaging to invited guests. Another 30 per cent said they would not.

Meanwhile a total of 74 per cent said the bag-in-box format was good for conserving wine. About 39 per cent of daily drinkers said the format was useful in helping them to control their wine consumption.

The story says that box wines now account for 9% of French wine consumption by consumers. That’s about the same as the UK, but well below Australia. Apparently, the biggest competition for box wines at the low end of the market comes from shops that fill the consumer’s own container with wine directly from a vat. I had a chance to try one of these shops in Italy – it was very inexpensive, but the wine I tried wasn’t particularly good.

Even if market penetration lags other nations, France’s advances in box wines are good news and may provide more impetus for putting even better wines in bag-in-box packaging.

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