Gascon Malbec 2006

Gascon MalbecPrice: $11
Maker: Bodegas Escorihuela Gascon, Argentina
Varietal: Malbec
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, synthetic cork
Alcohol: 14.2%
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Gascon Malbec 2006 is packaged with a simple but elegant label and what looks like a composite cork. Its nose is an enticing blend of spice, vanilla, and berries. This Malbec is full bodied and relatively high in alcohol content, but it’s not a fruit bomb. Cherry and raspberry notes blend with a hint of chocolate, oak, and rather prominent tannins for a long-lasting and dry finish.

This seems to be the only Gascon wine available in the U.S. The Gascon website has but a single page of content, and it’s devoted to their 2006 Malbec. The parent company seems to have some additional products; oddly, their website seems to offer both English and Spanish options, but the language links are broken.

The Style Gourmet has some very detailed notes on Gascon Malbec 2006, concluding that, “This is a toasty wine all around, and one you can get your teeth into.” Koeppel on Wines thought this wine, “delivered the goods.” In Vino Veritas liked its ” black cherry flavors accented by smoky, chocolaty notes.” Wine & Dine proclaimed Gascon Malbec a “pick of the week” and said, “It’s a bit unusual, fairly potent and ready for prime rib.”

8 thoughts on “Gascon Malbec 2006”

  1. Nice review, haven’t tried the 2006 but have had every vintage going back to 2002. They recently changed the label. It used to be a great Trader Joes and Bevmo bargain wine although I haven’t seen the 2006 there yet.
    On your recommendation I’ll think I’ll try it and I added a link to your review from my site Nirvino here:



  2. I had a bottle supplied by friends. Excellent wine. Especially for the price. Now I need to find a place in Cleveland to buy it.


  3. This wine is absolutely fantastic. Our local grocery used to carry it, but they can’t seem to get it in stock anymore. It is among our top favorite wines period. It is wonderful, smooth, and easy to enjoy with dishes that like hearty reds or smooth whites.

  4. I really like this malbec, its a great value wine and has a lot of class. I prefer malbec grapes over almost anything and I have been really getting into a vineyard called Decero. It from the Mendoza region of Argentina it tastes of dark berries and has a very light acidity (which i like). Decero runs about $16 a bottle and is well worth it.

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