Goiya Shiraz Pinotage 2004

Goiya Shiraz PinotagePrice: $8
Maker: Westcorp International
Variety: Shiraz – Pinotage
Packaging: bottle, artificial cork
Our Rating: 8 out of 10

When we tried the Goiya Shiraz Pinotage 2004, the first thing we did was compare it to the Rain Dance Shiraz from the same maker, Westcorp International. The two wines are both good, but certainly very different from each other. The Goiya Shiraz Pinotage starts with a fruity aroma with hints of pepper, mint, and licorice. The flavor is smooth and fruity, with red cherries leading a jammy charge. The fruit continues into a lingering finish. The wine has a slight sweetness to it, and comes across rather like a zinfandel. If you like a wine that’s long on fruit but with a bit of complexity, this shiraz pinotage combo is worth a try.

Pinotage is an uncommon grape grown in South Africa – one can read about its interesting history at the Pinotage Association. The pinotage grape resulted from an experiment in the 1920s by viniculturist Abraham Izak Perold – several plants he created were nearly destroyed after his death, but through luck were saved and eventually developed into a recognized grape variety grown in different parts of South Africa.

One thought on “Goiya Shiraz Pinotage 2004”

  1. I bought two bottles of the Goiya Shiraz/Pinotage today….opend one tonight and, WOW, great price at $7.99 per bottle….got the fresh fruit, pepper, mint and licorice….very nice zinfndel finish….great buy and great price!!! Robb

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