Grizzly Flat Petite Syrah 2003

Price: $9
Maker: Grizzly Flat Cellars, San Luis Obispo, California
Varietal: Petit Sirah
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, natural cork
Alcohol: 13.5%
Our Rating: 8.0 out of 10

We’re always looking for really affordable wine deals to bring to our readers, and when we spotted Grizzly Flat Petite Syrah 2003 in the closeout bin, we couldn’t pass it up. It appears to generally sell for about nine bucks, but we snagged our bottle for a mere third of that. That’s good news, but even better news is that the wine isn’t bad at all. The aroma is juicy blackberry, with herbal and licorice notes. It’s a medium bodied wine, with dark berry, plum, and oak notes with a big tannin finish. This isn’t an overly complicated wine, but is “simply” good.

We had difficulty finding out much about the vineyard, Grizzly Flat Cellars in San Luis Obispo, California. Despite some intense Googling, we couldn’t track down a website – if you have a link, feel free to post a comment.

One thought on “Grizzly Flat Petite Syrah 2003”

  1. I haven’t tried this wine (yet), but I think I can help with the website link… information on Grizzly Flat Cellars can be found on the website of its parent company, Underdog Wine Merchants:

    The website also has the information on all of their other wine brands, including Killer Juice (whose boxed Cabernet Sauvignon you reviewed a while back). Incidentally, I have tried both of the Killer Juice wines (the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chardonnay), and found both of them to be among the best box wines I have ever tasted. You may want to give the Cab another try, as I definitely found the 2004 vintage to be superior to the 2003. I recommend the 2005 Killer Juice Chardonnay as well.

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