Shuttle Launch at Hardy Wine

Hardy Wine ShuttleHardy Wine Company, Australia’s biggest wine producer, has launched a new “Shuttle” wine package that consist of a bottle and glass combination. According to Hardy, the Shuttle is the first wine bottle-glass combination to be introduced anywhere in the world. It was developed originally for the Australian season of Varekai™ by Cirque du Soleil. The package was well-liked by show-goers, and Hardy Wine Company decided to launch the new bottle nationally.

Hardy Wine ShuttleThe Shuttle features a 187ml (single glass) acrylic wine bottle securely sealed by its own acrylic wine glass. The bottle is opened by a simple twist-top action; that twist action also releases the glass into which the wine can be poured.

We’re not huge fans of single serve packaging – it’s quite resource intensive for a small amount of wine – but they have their uses. And, by integrating the glass with the bottle, Hardy has simplified things for consumers as well as those serving the wine.

So, while the shuttle may not revolutionize wine consumption, it’s no doubt an innovation that will find its niche in the market. From the looks of many supermarket shelves, the demand for single serving wines is increasing; we’re seeing entire shelf sections devoted to four-packs of little bottles.

8 thoughts on “Shuttle Launch at Hardy Wine”

  1. It sounds like they’ll be available first in Australia. I’d contact a Hardy distributor in your area to ask about future availability.

  2. Where can you find the Hardy’s Shuttle wine in Charleston, SC. Have been trying for months. Can’t find it anywhere. Any suggestions?

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