Hardy’s Shiraz 2004

hardys shirazPrice: $20
Maker: Hardys Stamp of Australia by International Cellars
Variety: Shiraz
Packaging: 3 liter box
Our Rating: 8 out of 10

Hardys is one of the most commonly available upscale wine boxes, so it’s high time we reported our findings here. Our first trial was Hardys Shiraz 2004 (Stamp of Australia). The aroma is a robust mix of berry, spice and chocolate. As this interesting Shiraz rolls across the tongue, the mocha moves into the fore, with plum and spice filling the background. This isn’t a typical Aussie Shiraz, but it’s an interesting one. The strong chocolate notes make the flavor a mellow mix that even non-expert wine drinkers may find tasty.

We had quite a bit of difficulty researching the origin of the Hardys wines. The site listed on the box, www.hardywines.com, didn’t come up at all. And both internationalcellars.com and international-cellars.com didn’t seem to be the right place either.

The packaging for this 3-liter box is attractive. It’s a standard rectangle, as usual fitting the equivalent of 4 bottles into an impossibly small space. The spigot is a push-button style – it shuts off without dribbling a single drop. If you want an atypical but worthy Shiraz at the low end of the price spectrum, Hardys Shiraz may be what you are looking for.

2 thoughts on “Hardy’s Shiraz 2004”

  1. I am having the same trouble you had tracking down where to buy Hardy’s box wine. Have you any more information.

    I am also interested in Trove Cab. Any info on them?


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