Health Magazine on Boxed Wines

Health Magazine ran an article in their October issue, “The best vino to go.” The subtitle was, “New boxed wines are honestly worth drinking.” The article doesn’t say much other than giving an explanation of how the bag-in-box concept works and extolling the longevity of box wines. They mention Black Box Wines and FreeRange Wines as a couple of good alternatives.

There’s nothing too spectacular about this article, but it’s nice to see mainstream media making the point that today’s boxed wines aren’t the plonk of a decade or two ago. In particular, Health should reach a large group of consumers who want to take the “glass a day” approach to red wine for heart health.

2 thoughts on “Health Magazine on Boxed Wines”

  1. Everybody rants and raves about the quality practicality of boxed wines. I’m wondering about the health effect of acidity in a plastic sack!

    1. I haven’t heard of any data showing degradation of the bag, Fred. One good thing: these boxes are meant to be drunk fairly quickly, within a year or two, rather than being put in a cellar for years. That short time span should help avoid any unwanted transfer to the wine.

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