How Long is Boxed Wine Good?

Bota BoxHow long does box wine last?

One of the huge advantages of boxed wine is that it lasts for a month or even more after being opened. This makes it very practical for glass-a-day drinkers who would find storing partially opened bottle wine problematic or wasteful. But, box wines aren’t perfect – it turns out that the bag-in-box packaging is very slightly permeable to oxygen, and after a period of time the wine will oxidize and darken.

Most box wine makers use about a year for their “sell by” date. If they bottle it, or, more accurately, bag it, in October, they allow it to be sold by the following October. They do, however, assume that the wine will be consumed shortly after that. An interesting article in the Austin Chronicle quotes one bag-in-box supplier:

“Our Quality Con­trol department has run extensive tests on the 3L package (i.e. box wine) which show that the wine stays fresh for 14 months,” said Holly Evans, director of public rela­tions. “However, we feel it best to be conservative and go with 12 months.”

Not everyone is that generous. Devon Broglie, a master som­mel­ier who works for Austin-based Whole Foods, said that after Whole Foods conducted an extensive test of boxed wines, preferred six months as the sell-by date.

What does this mean for the box wine consumer? If the box is within its sell-by date, it’s probably fine. If it’s many months from that date, so much the better. The important thing is to not pick up a few boxes on sale and let them sit for a year. Boxed wine isn’t like fine wine in bottles – it’s not meant to be aged, and it won’t get better. In fact, the nature of the packaging means that a box that’s a couple of years old or more has probably deteriorated to some degree.

So, when you shop, check the dates, and don’t stock up on more boxes than you will consume in a month or two.

7 thoughts on “How Long is Boxed Wine Good?”

  1. This is a really good article. I didn’t know boxed wine is only good for 6-12 months after packaging. How long do you find that the wine tastes good after you open it? The box says 45 days but I think it never tastes good after 30.

    1. CWR, I generally use a month after opening as a general rule. I’ve had whites that stayed fine for longer when refrigerated, and even some reds that did ok for more than four weeks. One thing to avoid is letting air in the spigot as the wine level gets low. Sometimes, your’ll hear it suck in a bit of air, and that’s not good. Tipping the box is usually enough to prevent that.

  2. LOVE boxed wines, especially Bota Malbec. A great gift idea for those who are fans of boxed wines is an Abri du Vin, covers for boxed wine. Great selections and a variety of sizes.

  3. Anyone ever heard of “Barrel 2 Box” 2009 California Merlot? I tasted one of these and was pleasantly surprised. Any ideas as to whom is the producer/boxer?

  4. I just bought the black box wine and this is the second time i bought bad wine. first box Brook shires and the second box at Wal Mart today!!! 12/2/15. it should be good until Aug. 14/ 16. how disappointing !! that’s twice i paid for wine we can’t drink. $40.00 dollars gone. i will stick to bottles from now on 🙁

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