Jake’s Fault Shiraz 2004

Jakes Fault ShirazPrice: $8
Maker: Jake’s Fault Winery, Geyserville, California
Varietal: Shiraz
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, natural cork
Alcohol: 13.5%
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

We found Jake’s Fault Shiraz 2004 at Trader Joe’s, and we’re glad we did. If you enjoy a spicy Shiraz, then you should seek it out, too. The nose is full of berry, clove, and black pepper. On the palate, this Shiraz starts off with plenty of juicy blackberry and blueberry notes, easing into a peppery finish with moderately prominent tannins. It’s reasonably well balanced, and reasonably complex for an under-$10 Shiraz.

Bloggers have been mostly very positive about Jake’s Fault Shiraz. Just Robb thought, “The taste had hints of blackberry, a bit jam-like with a hint of oak and really easy on the tannin. Very smooth… this wine was excellent in its smoothness. ” VinoForLess.com called it a “treasure find.” LizKitchen raved, “This is a perfect Shiraz for me. It has a good body, lots of fruit, a lovely nose, and is heavy enough to be a substantial wine, but not so much that it’s overwhelming.” Liz likes it as a party wine, and has yet to find a guest who didn’t enjoy it. Alexis and Andrew at UrbanVino scored the wine as 87 and 83, respectively. Visit JakesFault.com to learn more about the wine and winery.

3 thoughts on “Jake’s Fault Shiraz 2004”

  1. Thanks for the reminder on this one. This was one of Sami’s few posts on VinoForLess. She loves a good find at Trader Joe’s, and now we have one very near our home in San Jose, CA. I may have to go pick a bottle up today!

  2. I have tried your Jake’s Winery Shiraz recently and find it to be excellent. I have tried several Trader Joes in my area and am unable to find any in stock.
    Could you please advise me as to where I can find some, including directly from you if necessary.

    Thanks you.


  3. Just opened a 2004 on November 22, 2017…. and I must say, this wine was excellent for the price paid. In fact, I vaguely remember buying this a couple of years ago… on clearance at some gas station along the interstate in Missouri. Was really concerned when the cork disintegrated when trying to remove it. But, after getting the cork out and running it through a screen, I found this to be quite tasty. Very smooth, aged, no tannins. A great surprise from a random find on a past road trip.

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