Leonard Kreusch Estate Riesling 2005

Leonard Kreusch RieslingPrice: $7
Maker: Leonard Kreusch, Germany
Variety: Merlot
Packaging: Bottle, natural cork
Alcohol: 11.5%
Our Rating: 8 out of 10

Leonard Kreusch Estate Riesling 2005 has a mild spicy pear aroma, and a slightly syrupy mouthfeel. Its flavor notes include pear, apple, and grapefruit, with the latter being most prominent in the finish. This is a pleasant enough Riesling that would be fine for serving with seafood or to take some of the bite out of spicy food with its sweetness.

This Riesling is the first Leonard Kreusch wine we can recall trying, but in checking their website it’s clear they distribute a wide range of products. Not only do they have a broad selection of French, German, and Italian wines, they even offer spirits like the unusually named Karl Marx Vodka.

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