McPherson Sangiovese 2005

Price: $16
Maker: McPherson Winery, Lubbock, Texas
Variety: Sangiovese
Packaging: Bottle, natural cork
Alcohol: 13.1%
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Lubbock, Texas may not be the Napa Valley, but McPherson Sangiovese 2005 is a very approachable red wine. It has a medium red color in the glass, and aromas of cherries and spice. This wine is fruity and approachable, with prominent cherry and strawberry notes. It’s well-structured, with nicely balanced tannins and some spice in the finish. This is a warm, mellow wine that is easy to drink. Although Sangiovese is the grape used as the primary component in Chianti, I found this wine to be fruitier than the typical Chianti and more to my personal liking.

In Texas, this wine is well regarded. The Dallas Morning News said, “Kim McPherson is as close to winemaker royalty as we get in this state. Don’t look for in-your-face fruit. Kim’s winemaking style is elegant, with careful attention to letting the fruit speak for itself.” The Austin Chronicle commented on an earlier vintage, “Kim McPherson was showing his 2002 McPherson Sangiovese. Kim is acknowledged as one of Texas’ best winemakers, and this is the best wine I have tasted from him to date. It is rich with dark fruit flavors and an unctuous mouthfeel. His wine beats any California version I’ve found at the price.”

McPherson Sangiovese 2005 is very easy to enjoy. We paired it with New York-style pizza with good results, but considering its Texas roots we think moderately spicy barbecue would be a good match as well.

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