Oldest Winery Found in Armenia

A winery dating to 4000 BC was found in Armenia. The discovery included a grape crushing vat, along with the remains of grapes, grape seeds, and grape vine leaves. The oldest previous wine-making site dated to just 3000 BC.

On three pot shards, researchers from the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles, found a residue of malvidin, a pigment that gives grapes and wine a dark red hue.

The ancient seeds belonged to a domesticated grape variety, known as Vitis vinifera vinifera, that is still used to make red wine today, the team reported. [From the Wall Street Journal]

Sadly, no actual wine was found. Following this discovery, though, I expect at least one modern winemaker will use the remains discovered at this site to launch their own “prehistoric wine.”

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