Polka Dot Riesling 2006

Polka Dot RieslingPrice: $8
Maker: Imported by E. & J. Gallo from Pfalz, Germana
Varietal: Riesling
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, screw cap
Alcohol: 10.5%
Our Rating: 8 out of 10

With its fun, informal label, Polka Dot Riesling 2006 is clearly aimed at a casual, unpretentious crowd. The wine itself reflects that attitude. This Riesling has a flowery nose with some peach in it. The flavor is sweet for this varietal, with pear, peach, and a hint of sweet pink grapefruit. It’s a pleasant, sweet wine that would go well with spicy ethnic cuisine. The other day I had a dish called simply “spicy catfish” in a Thai restaurant, and this would have paired nicely with it.

Although it’s not indicated anywhere on the label, according to Wine Business Monthly, Polka Dot Riesling is an import of E & J Gallo Winery. This wine has received a fair amount of attention in the blogosphere. For starters, we found the great illustration you see here that was created by photographer Elisa Henry. Back to the wine itself, Wineography found it “tasty” and “in keeping with its label aesthetic; it seems frivolous and fun, perfect for swilling at girly get-togethers and never to be taken too seriously. It almost tastes like California Pinot Grigio to me…” SeeGinaBlog.com tried it at the St. Louis Wine Festival and liked it. 1700 Miles of Cooking tried Polka Dot Riesling as part of a bigger group of wines, but it didn’t make the favorites list. Greedy Gretchen thinks it’s a “very good choice” when her favorite Bloom Riesling isn’t available.

19 thoughts on “Polka Dot Riesling 2006”

  1. I tried this wine for the first time this weekend.
    I like white wines and really look for fruity notes.
    This was fruity, not bitter at all, and very crisp.
    I didn’t have a meal with it but I did enjoy 3 glasses.My only comlpaint is that the bottle wasn’t big enough. I have told a few family members and friends about it.I will also continue to buy it for the holiday.
    Falmouth, MA

  2. >>the bottle wasn’t big enough

    We can always hope for Gallo to start shipping this wine in a 3-liter box! Surprisingly, one rarely sees a Riesling in bag-in-box packaging. I think an easy to drink wine like this one would sell well, probably better than some of the Chardonnays one usually finds.


  3. I love this wine .. I have turned few of my friends on to it and we are now avid fans of it .. cheers all xx

  4. I used to be a Relax Riesling fan, but once I tasted Polka Dot medium sweet; I’ve never bought anything else. I do agree with the others that they need a bigger bottle. I’m not holding my breath though, it was the same problem with Relax. Only problem now is I have to hide it from my husband if I want any for myself.

  5. The wine is available in Ohio. You can find it at any Giant Eagle and most Heinen’s in North East Ohio. Cheers!

  6. I enjoyed this Riesling with a Hawaiian pizza the other night. Perfect blend! I used to drink Relax Riesling when I wanted a wine to pair with pizza, but the Polka Dot is a much better match. Also, a great price! At around $10 a bottle, the Polka Dot will make a great wine for any occasion- simple dinner, entertaining, dessert, etc. I’m looking forward to another glass soon. =)

  7. I tried this wine for the first time last weekend. It truly is one of the BEST I’ve ever had. On a scale of 1-10, it rates 9 with me. It will be a staple among my rack.

  8. I found this to be a great introductory wine. It is easy to drink, nicely priced, and fits well with my style. From a graphic design point of view the bottle is exceptional.

    I make it a point to know where this is sold in my area since it is very popular and always in short supply.

  9. I just love this wine. It is the perfect taste for after dinner with like dessert. It’s so easy to drink and not an awful after taste like some other sweet wines. I love it. I wish the bottle was bigger so I could enjoy it a little longer.

  10. I was introduced to this wine on 11/28/2008 and my wife was introduce to it on 11/29/2008 at a Frankie Beverly and Maze Concert and we absolutely love it. Where can I buy this by the case. Frankie had it in his dressing room.

  11. I tried this wine for the first time Christmas Eve 2008. I was quite impressed and pleased with the taste. I have not been able to locate it in Maryland though. Any ideas?

  12. Stella, I have no idea if this wine is available in Cape Town – I’d suggest calling a big wine shop or, even better, a wine distributor (if you can track one down). Good luck!

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