Instant Wine Glasses Break into UK

UK wine drinkers will be able to avoid the labor of uncorking a bottle and even pouring the wine when Al Fresco Wines introduces pre-filled plastic wine glasses this summer (A Glass of Plonk for the Lazy). The glasses will be sealed with foil and will contain red, white, or rose wine and will retail for the equivalent of a bit more than $5 per pair.

The glasses were originally designed for caterers at outdoor events who wanted to avoid the service time involved with wine bottles.

Al Fresco Wines, who spent £500,000 developing the Tulipa, said it offers “a greater range of drinking opportunities”.

Somehow, I can’t imagine this is great wine, but I suppose it may let wine go where it might not have gone before. I suppose too that it reflects greater demand for wine in less formal settings. Bordeaux Undiscovered notes in a post about the upcoming Cheltenham Gold Cup that the new format will be handy for racegoers who must try to balance numerous items without spilling.

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