Red Bicyclette Syrah 2004

Red Bicyclette SyrahPrice: $8
Maker: Le Caves de Sieur d’Arques, imported by Red Bicyclette (E. J. Gallo)
Variety: Syrah
Packaging: Bottle, artificial cork
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

We’ve seen it on the shelves a lot in recent months, and we finally broke down and bought a bottle of Red Bicyclette Syrah 2004. I’m not sure why we resisted it so far – perhaps this Gallo product looked a bit too much like a marketing guy’s idea of a French wine that would appeal to the American consumer. From a flavor standpoint, it looks like they listened to the marketing guy, too. Red Bicyclette Syrah features a mild spicy cherry aroma. We let it breathe for a bit before tasting. It’s medium bodied with a surprising amount of fruit for a French wine, predominantly cherry but with a bit of chocolate and acidity. Our first impression wasn’t that favorable, but a bit of air seemed to bring this Syrah around nicely. It’s a drinkable wine, if not extremely complex.

The Red Bicyclette website is cute, but is annoyingly loaded with Flash animation and doesn’t mention the Gallo tie-in.

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