Seven Red Table Wine

Seven Red Table Wine
Seven Red Table Wine
Price: $19
Maker: Bodegas Osborne, Malpica de Tajo, Spain
Varietal: Red Blend
Packaging: 3-liter box
Alcohol: 13.5%
Our Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Seven Red Table Wine is one of the newer boxes available in mass distribution. It’s from Spain, it’s in a cool octagonal bag-in-box package, and it’s surprisingly good. Seven is so named because it’s a blend of seven red grapes, with Tempranillo being the largest component. It’s not too complex, but offers a pleasant mix of chocolate cherries and a little black pepper. The tannins are soft, and the finish reasonably long.

Real Simple listed it under “Best Boxed Wines,” calling it “smooth and rich.” For Seven Red Table Wine pairing they suggest “smoky-sweet barbecue ribs or pepperoni pizza.” Cheap wine challenge wasn’t as impressed, calling it “adequate” and “OK.”

The package is the “Octavin Home Wine Bar” from the importer of the wine, Underdog Wine Merchants. They claim the spout is patented and the package is patent-pending. They claim the wine will stay fresh for at least six weeks after opening. Most boxed wine labels suggest freshness for a month, though I’ve had some open for longer without bad results. Other interesting wines in the packaging include Pinot Evil (France), Silver Birch (New Zealand), A Mano (Italy), Herding Cats (South Africa), and R. Müller (Germany). For a box wine guy, this is exciting stuff.

Seven Red Table Wine may not blow away some of the better 3-liter boxes from California or Australia, but it gets extra points for an unusually attractive box and its Spanish origin. Whether you serve it at your next patio party or leave it on your counter for your heart-healthy glass of red wine, Seven is a solid choice.

5 thoughts on “Seven Red Table Wine”

  1. Where in the Lake Charles, LA (SWLA) may I purchase Seven Wine. Select Albertson’s carried it but I can no longer find it there.

  2. i believe i had this wine in a bottle at the olive garden restaurant. do you sell, or anybody else sell this wine in a bottle. if i wanted to buy this wine in the box, how would i go about it. i live in colorado. any information would br appreciated. thank you. mrs lynn l . leinhart

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