Stonehaven Merlot 2004

Price: $9
Maker: Stonehaven Winery
Variety: Merlot
Packaging: Bottle, artificial cork
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

To complete our review of the inexpensive reds from Stonehaven Winery, we tried a bottle of Stonehaven Merlot 2004. It has an unusually full body for a Merlot, with a syrupy smoothness in the mouth. The flavor is soft and fruity, with cherry, plum, and blueberry notes. Tannins and oak add complexity, and the finish adds a hint of lingering tannin and spice. We found this sample for under $5, which is certainly one of the more astounding merlot bargains if you can find it.

Like the Stonehaven Shiraz Cabernet we just sampled, this wine benefitted from plenty of time to breathe. In recent months, we’ve seen the Stonehaven reds ranging in price from just under $10 to under $5, sometimes in the same store. They are all a reasonable value at $9, but when they are under $5 it’s time to stock up for every day drinking.

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