The Wine Slime Dress?

Don’t expect to see these fashions popping up at your local mall, but an Australian scientist has created a dress from material woven by bacteria in a vat of fermenting wine, according to Tasteful clothes uncorked from wine slime. Some usability issues haven’t quite been worked out, notably the fact that the dress must be kept wet to prevent it from becoming brittle and fracturing. The photo that accompanies the article seems to imply that the wearer turns into something like a zombie from the Night of the Living Dead.

In order to shape the dress, slimy cellulose is scooped off the surface of the fermenting wine and layered around a blow-up doll. It then shrinks, taking the form of the body. The doll is deflated when the dress is in the right shape.

“This is art — it is not meant to be practical,” said inventor Gary Cass, a scientific technician at the University of Western Australia in Perth. “It is meant to be a provocative object, to spark debate about future fashion.”

Who says all the big scientific discoveries have been made? Clearly, groundbreaking research of great import is taking place Down Under. I can picture the conversation with the purchasing department at the University of Western Australia… “Right, I need a wine vat and a few hundred gallons of grape juice… oh, and don’t forget the blowup doll… why, female, of course… what do you think is going on down here in the lab? Better get a spare in case of a puncture.”

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