Trove Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Price: $25
Maker: Trove Wines, Madera, California
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Packaging: 3-liter box
Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Trove Cabernet SauvignonAt least on US shelves, Trove Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 is likely to be one of the pricier box wines on the shelf. We saw it listed for $25 for a 3-liter box, but found it on sale for $20. At its list price, it’s hardly a costly wine – a bit more than $8 per bottle – but it’s far more costly than the cheap 5-liter wines from Franzia, Almaden, and Vella… and it’s a bit higher than most of the other boxes, like Hardy’s, Wine Block, Wine Cube, etc.

So is the Trove boxed cabernet worth shelling out a few extra bucks for? Perhaps… this cab has an intriguing aroma, with a prominent butterscotch note mixing with the more expected spice and berry. The flavor is rich and complex, with jammy berry flavors, soft tannins, and good acidity. The finish lingers. This is indeed a nice wine, and people who have turned their nose up at boxed wine in the past will be pleasantly surprised, if not actually shocked.

The box, by the way, is a basic rectancgle, occupying a bit more real estate than a conventional bottle. The dispenser is a push-button that shows no signs of unwanted dribbling. Push-button wine spigots are our favorite – they allow easy one-handed operation and seem to be free of annoying post-pour dribbles.

According to Trove marketing director Diana Pawlik, “Trove wines are rich, stylish and alluring. Their unmistakable premium quality will challenge the outmoded notion that 3-liter box wines can’t be ‘cool.’ Premium wine consumers will be delighted to discover the tremendous convenience offered by Trove’s innovative package, which preserves the high quality of its wines for up to a month after opening.” Visit their website (annoyingly Flash-heavy) at

Whether you are hosting a party where you want the convenience of a box, or are a glass-of-red-wine per day drinker, Trove Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 won’t disappoint.

19 thoughts on “Trove Cabernet Sauvignon 2004”

  1. I bought a bottle of Trove Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 which had a $10 coupon. I mailed in for rebate, but have heard nothing after more than 2 months. Do you know how I can contact the rebate center or the Trove Winery? I really enjoy this wine, but am a little disenchanted by the promise of a rebate which has not arrived. Thanks

  2. Dottie, if you click on the link to the Trove website in the original post, click on the “Speak” link – you’ll find an address for Consumer Relations there. Seems like a good place to start. Be prepared for a tedious wait as their site loads.

  3. We don’t sell wine, Joanna, we just drink the stuff! If you are interested in a particular brand of box wine that we’ve reviewed, check the post for a link to the manufacturer’s website. We almost always include that, and those websites often have a dealer finder.

    If you are looking for better box wine in general, we’ve found that high-end supermarkets with big wine departments often have the biggest selection. Also, try phoning some of the bigger wine and liquor stores in your area to see if they carry good quality boxed wine. In general, avoid the 5-liter boxes from Franzia, Almaden, and Vella if you are looking for a better quality product. The preferred boxes tend to be 1 to 3 liters in size. Good luck, and happy tasting.

  4. The Merlot is the worst tasting wine I’ve had…and I’ve been drinking CA wines since living there in 1977…UGH! Now what am I going to do with the rest of the box!

  5. We’ve got just the answer, B. Shirley: Merlot Brownies! By the time you mix a cup of sugar in, you won’t know the difference.

    Of course, if you bought a 3 liter box and have consumed only a glass, you’ll be able to make plenty of brownies. Have you thought about going into the brownie business, at least for a month or two? 😉

    Sorry the Trove wasn’t to your liking. If you think you got a bad box, take it back to the store and let wine manager taste it. 3 liters is a lot of bad wine to dispose of… if it’s bad, they should replace it or refund you.

  6. I bought the Trove Merlot. I liked it. A good solid wine. But the rebate took a LONG time. I finally got a note that said I didn’t tell them if I was 21. I had to call the customer service number where they quickly acknowledged that they should have sent me the money. Anyway, for $10 for 3 liters, a super buy.

  7. Can you tell me the address in Young America, MN where the rebate should be sent? I need the PO Box and the zip code. Address obscured on the form I have. Thanks. We’re about to open the box and try for the first time.

  8. I picked up a box of 2004 Cab today… In my humble (but lovable) opinion, this wine is definately in the $16-$20/bottle range. Given I paid $16.99 for the three litre box… with a $10 mail-in rebate on top of that, it’s a deal!

    Since I have the rebate form here in my hot little hand, here is the reabate address for those looking for it:
    Trove Refund Offer
    P.O. Box 2491
    Young America, MN (Does David Bowie live there?)

    The usual rebate reqirements hold true here:
    Include UPC (from bottom of box) and orig. register receipt (with item circled).

    Today (1-31-07) happens to be the last day for the offer (last allowable purchase date), although you have until 2/15/07 to postmark your rebate envelope.

    As for B. Shirley’s problem with the Merlot… Hello! Your bought Merlot! Did we learn NOTHING from “Sideways”? 😉

    Cheers, everyone!

  9. Rebate update…

    Oh… I forget to mention, you need to put your birthdate on your rebate form… Just to “prove” you are at least 21 years of age. (Sorry I forgot that in my previous post.)

    As long as I’m on it… be sure you include your full name and mailing address on your “form” as well.


  10. I was a wine snob….wouldn’t even think about drinking box wine. I tried the Merlot and absolutely loved it. It was extremely smoothe and pleasant….We are full time RV’ers and the box is way easier to store than the bottles…………….loved it, can’t wait to try the Cabernet.

  11. This has been my favorite boxed wine and I have consummed many a box. However, I have just purchased a box that is not so good. I have consumed about ten to fifteen boxes of this merlot and have been very happy with it. This last box, I can’t get past the skunky smell, let alone the yucky taste. Usually, if you drink a few glasses, you can accept a putrid smell or poor taste, but this box is really off. Can I send it back? I have recommended this boxed wine to everyone I know, but this box is not only bad, it is putrid. Who do I contact at Trove to let them know that I am a true fan, but I have received a very poor box of their product?

  12. My zip is 48374. Your wine is great – where can I buy it?????
    We like the Cab best.

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