Vendange Zinfandel 2004

Vendange Tetra PacksPrice: $3.50
Maker: Vendange Wine Cellars, Lathrop, California
Variety: Zinfandel
Packaging: 500 ml Tetra pack
Alcohol Content: 13.0%
Our Rating: 7.0 out of 10

We were excited to find that one local merchant expanded their assortment of Vendange Tetra Packs to eight varietals. We immediately picked up a Vendange Zinfandel 2004 – we’re partial to Zins, and the Vendange packages are compact and inexpensive. Unfortunately, our excitement lasted only until we opened the wine. The nose was promising, with juicy blackberry and raspberry backed up by mild licorice and clove notes. On the palate, though, the wine was a disappointment. Weak berry and spice notes fought with an unpleasant sharpness that lingered on the back of the tongue long after the rest of the flavors had dissipated. Based on our experience with other Vendange reds, we tried letting this wine breathe for a bit; unfortunately, that didn’t help.

We do like the Vendange packaging a lot – these packs hold a half-liter of wine in an incredibly small space. But, if you are looking for a red, give Vendange Zinfandel 2004 a pass and opt for Vendange Shiraz instead – we liked it a lot more than the Zin.

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  1. How would you explain your rating system? To me, 7 out of 10 seems high for a wine you dislike. Good site by the way; great idea.

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