Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Veo Grande Cabernet SauvignonPrice: $7
Maker: Viñedos Errázuriz Ovalle S.A., Chile
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Packaging: 750 ml bottle, natural cork
Alcohol: 13%
Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 tells you immediately that it’s no ordinary Cab. The nose is full of smoky wood, and it almost climbs out of the glass on its own. The flavor isn’t average, either – it’s a well-balanced mix of blackberries and cherries, oak, herbs, and chewy tannins. The spicy finish goes on and on.

Viñedos Errázuriz Ovalle S.A. make the Veo Grande Cab and, on their website, claims to be the single largest family owned vineyard and winery in Chile.

The Wine Commonsewer tasted the 2004 vintage, concluding “It’s not a sleeper but it’s a good budget wine that you can enjoy with a Southern Italian meal or grilled beef.” Tom & Melody said, “It is delicious after decanting. I love it! A dark, bitter chocolate finish. Lovely!”

Overall, we liked this wine a lot, but we’d caution readers that it’s a bit quirky and not your typical cab – try it if you are looking for something different.

30 thoughts on “Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon 2005”

  1. What a pleasant surprise. We bought this wine at Sam’s Club not expecting much. Great value for the price point. Nice packaging too.

  2. I would like to know who destributes this wine in the Panama City, FL area. Please let me know ASAP

  3. What a great wine! And the price was just as wonderful. We purchased it at Sam’s Club and will go back and buy another 6 pack. Love to know more about the region it was produced in.

  4. We bought 12 bottles (a case)from Sam’s club. We even picked up the wooden case!! A great value. One of the best wines at this price point!

  5. I pulled this one out of my wine cellar last night. I forgot where I bought it, but after reading the previous comments realized that it was purchased at Sam’s. It really knocked my socks off. I needed to do a double take on the label; I could’nt believe it was produced in Chile. A great wine for the money. A real sleeper. The kind I look for. I’ll be going back to Sam’s for more tomorrow.

  6. We were absolutely stunned to find this lovely suramericano hidden at Sam’s Club. We are ready to purchase a second case. Gracias Chile! Veo, you will be remembered these holidays.

  7. I first had this when I was at my parents for Thanksgiving. We then had it again when they visted for Christmas. It looks like I will have to get a Sam’s Club Card so that I can get more. Does anyone know if it can be bought at other wine stores?

  8. I guess have to disagree about this wine. I find it extremely boring. There’s nothing going on flavor wise. Maybe it’s my fault since I read your good comments before I drank it, but all I taste is what you’d expect when you buy a $6 cabernet – not much.

  9. I just purchased the VEO Grande cabernet sauvignon 2006 at Sam’s Club in Virginia Beach, VA. What a surprisingly fine value at a modest price (less than $7.00) My wife and I are always hunting for great values in wines and have found this produst to be one of the best buys at this price range! Let the wine breath for atleast 30 minutes before consuming. Great with beef dishes and pasta with meat sauce. Buy it if you can find it.

  10. We just had a bottle of this Cab with a steak dinner here in Indy. We bought it at Sam’s Club, just took a chance and we really love it! It’s perfect with the steak and we had a little Ghiraradelli chocolate for dessert and this wine was perfect with it! Check out Sam’s for Veo Grande Cab!

  11. I found the Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon at Sam’s Club and paid less than 7 Dollars for it.
    It was a 2006. Did not decant the wine but let it sit on the counter for a while after opening it.
    I did sip this wine while cooking for my wife and some friends and it got better and better.
    The next day I went back to Sam’s Club and bought all they had. They made me sign a paper ?!
    You can’t beat this, get it while you can just not at my Sam’s Club. 😉

  12. I want to purchase this wine for $7.oo a bottle where?
    Sam’s is $8.99 now
    I actually want a case of it before Xmas at the best price

  13. Try it with a warm brownie drizzled with warm black currant jelly a la mode! It was fabulous!! I could really taste the chocolate and berries in the wine then. They had a huge pile of this at my Sams club last week. I went back today and only found two bottles languishing in a bin with Chateau neuf du pape. A much better value I’m sure!

  14. Has anyone been able to find this wine (05) lately? I discovered it in mid 07 and by Christmas that year it disappeared off the shelf and was replaced by the 06. The 06 is good but the 05 in my opinion is superior Occasionally it (05)shows up for a limited time when a pallet of cases is found in the store. It seems Sam’s Club just puts out what handy and doesn’t really pay much attention to the details

  15. Thanks for the reminders! I could not remember where I purchased a wonderfully balanced VEO Grande until I read ” Sam’s Club.” A great find. 2006 vintage

  16. We drink a wide variety of wines. Will it compete w/ a Caymus, no, but probably the best value for $7. Definately going to Sam’s and get a case.

  17. We have been buying this wine at Sams for about a year now. Dollar for dollar, its one of the best wines I have tasted. I love this cab. I hope Sams continues to sell it in the future.

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