Wine Blogging Wednesday #31 Reminder & Update

First, a quick reminder – next Wednesday, March 14, is Wine Blogging Wednesday! The theme of WBW #31 is non-traditional wine packaging. So, if you haven’t already done so, head out to your well-stocked shop, find something that isn’t a standard bottle, and file your report next week. Pass the word to your fellow wine lovers. I know that for the last few WBWs, I’ve been scrambling at the last minute to find something that fit the theme – there’s still enough time to shop at your leisure.

While we’re on the subject, WBW was featured in the Baltimore Sun: Wine tasting with no real crowd or even place. It’s a mix of negative and positive:

A collection of blog posts, no matter how well-written, surely is a cold, cruel substitute for an actual wine event. A virtual tasting lacks the ambience, the face-to-face interaction, and, well, the sheer volume of wine that make up a typical tasting event. Real wine tastings can be romantic, date-worthy affairs. Virtual wine tastings … not so much.

Yet, undeniably, wine enthusiasts are enjoying these virtual events. They’re educating each other on wines from around the world. They’re networking and making friends. And they’re having fun along the way.

I’ve been to a few in-person wine tastings that didn’t offer much ambiance… some random people standing around sipping wine. At one, a lady in attendance was wearing such powerful perfume that it demolished any subtle aroma notes in the wine. Of course, as the article notes, a real wine tasting often offers lots of variety.

Let’s try and make WBW #31 a great event, and a fun way to network with other wine enthusiasts – pass the word while there’s still time!

4 thoughts on “Wine Blogging Wednesday #31 Reminder & Update”

  1. You were also mentioned in Vinography’s podcasted interview with the Baltimore Sun’s Blography, so it must be a very Baltimore-y day for you all!

    Looking forward to the WBW round-up results :}

  2. The red liquid has been wiped off the conference room table at Citizen Space, and the results are now being tabulated for ~The Inaugural Citizen Wine Tasting~, featuring boxers. A very unexpected result for best of show. We’ve launched a blog to get in on the fun; surf on over to view our gang of brothers and sisters. Full post on Wednesday. Power to the People!!

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