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Welcome to BoxWines.org, where you’ll read about boxed wines and inexpensive bottled wines. Box Wines is the wine site for “the rest of us”, wine drinkers who enjoy wine daily but don’t want to spend the price of a good restaurant dinner for a bottle of wine.

Box wines are the fastest growing segment of the wine industry. Read our box wine background page to learn about the advantages of wine in a box.

Your comments and wine reviews are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Box Wines!”

  1. I am looking for a boxed Grenache. Not a white Grenache but a darker variety. I am ok with a Grenache blend just too light.

    Is there anywhere I can find this out?

    Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

    Cheryl Roderer

  2. I haven’t seen a boxed Grenache in my area. We only began seeing somewhat upscale boxes in the last year or two. If you have a store that stocks quite a few boxes, check there. Or, depending on your state laws, try shopping online.

    We are way behind the rest of the world in quality boxed wines here in the U.S. Half of the wine consumed in Australia is boxed… One can only hope that we’ll start to catch up. Once boxed wines become a bigger factor, we’ll see more varieties and brands in boxes.

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