Wine Labels Make Gift Giving Fun

Need to take a bottle of wine to a party and want to stand out from the rest of the bottles the host gets? Well, you could show up with a nicely aged bottle of Opus One, which should only set you back a few hundred bucks… or, you could grab a bottle something way more pedestrian and slap a $3.95 Cerebral Itch wine label on the bottle.

These labels will cover most original labels entirely, and their humorous designs will demonstrate that you are a guest with a wit. An added bonus is that the labels have a space to write who the bottle is from. As an occasional party-giver, I often find a bottle brought by a guest that was delivered with no card or got separated from its wine-bag. The Cerebral Itch wine labels will ensure that you get full credit for your hostess gift. Of course, if you used the label to cover up a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, letting the hosts know who brought it may not be at the top of your priority list.

Cerebral Itch offers dozens of designs to celebrate occasions ranging from birthdays to divorces. The labels can be removed without damaging the original label.

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