116 Year Old Woman Drank Wine Daily

The bad news is that the world’s oldest woman died. The good news for wine lovers is that one of her apparent secrets of longevity was daily wine consumption. The woman was Maria Esther de Capovilla of Ecuador. According to the Forbes story, she drank one small cup of wine with lunch every day.

We hope Ms. De Capovilla’s new station is at a higher altitude than even that where where she lived her full life. Her longevity is certainly something for the rest of us to aim for.

The new “oldest living person” is Elizabeth Bolden of Memphis, Tennessee. She’s also 116, but was 11 months junior to De Capovilla. There’s no word yet on Ms. Bolden’s wine preferences, if indeed she imbibes. Surely to reach that august age SOME kind of preservative is needed…

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