About Us

Box Wines is a site dedicated to news, views, and reviews on boxed wines as well as affordable bottled wines. We’re committed to broad and impartial (and occasionally quirky) coverage of this area, which we feel is particularly important to the U.S. consumer. Today, people are encouraged to drink a glass a day of wine for health reasons. Beyond any medical considerations, we think having a daily glass with dinner in the evening is a great cultural enhancement and something that most individuals will come to enjoy. Whatever the motivation, box wines (and affordable bottles) are perfect for both the glass-a-day wine drinker and the slightly more serious wine aficionado who doesn’t want to crack open a $20+ bottle every night. We try to sort out the good from the bad, and find the best wine values on the market.

Most of the wines we review we purchase locally – out-of-state mail order isn’t an option in our area right now. A few of the wines we taste are furnished by their makers. Either way, we call ’em like we taste ’em. (All reviews are our personal opinions, and may differ from opinions expressed by others.)

Are you a winery wondering why we haven’t written up your wine? It’s probably because we haven’t found it in our local market. If you want to contact us, drop a note to boxwineguy (at) boxwines (dot) org.

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