Real Men Drink Boxed Wine

The San Francisco Chronicle ran an interesting article by W. Blake Gray on Friday, Turn up the game, grab a burger and bust open Wines for Men. It’s all about Syrah. Gray explains why Syrah, or Shiraz if you prefer, is the ideal Man’s Wine: It’s Syrah, known as Shiraz in Australia, a real man’s … Continue reading “Real Men Drink Boxed Wine”

Boxes Top Bargain Wine List

The San Francisco Chronicle’s W. Blake Gray just published a list of red wine bargains. Several boxed wines were among the top ten listed. Black Box Wines got the top nod: Bowing to the market, I tasted 35 bargain-priced Merlots from eight countries recently; these were the best 10 wines. My very favorite came in … Continue reading “Boxes Top Bargain Wine List”