Health Magazine on Boxed Wines

Health Magazine ran an article in their October issue, “The best vino to go.” The subtitle was, “New boxed wines are honestly worth drinking.” The article doesn’t say much other than giving an explanation of how the bag-in-box concept works and extolling the longevity of box wines. They mention Black Box Wines and FreeRange Wines […]

Wineries & Brands

Here are some of the wineries we have covered here: Barefoot Wines Bogle Bohemian Highway Charles Shaw Delicato FreeRange Funky Llama Gala Rouge Georges Duboeuf Graceland Cellars Infinitus Juno Wine Killer Juice Sebeka Trove Two Buck Chuck

Free Range Muscadet 2005

Price: $29 Maker: JuiceBox Wine Company, Manchester, MA Varietal: Muscadet Packaging: 3-liter box Alcohol: 12.5% Our Rating: 8 out of 10 Free Range Muscadet 2005, a boxed wine from Free Range Wines, is by far the best Muscadet in a box we’ve ever encountered. In fact, it’s the ONLY boxed Muscadet we’ve ever seen. This […]

Free Range Merlot 2005

Price: $29 Maker: JuiceBox Wine Company, Manchester, MA Varietal: Merlot Packaging: 3-liter box Alcohol: 13.5% Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10 Free Range Merlot 2005 is the first of the Free Range Wines we’ve sampled. This box wine has a robust nose,with leather and tobacco notes blending with berries. The wine smoothly combines blackberry and […]