Riedel Stemless Tasting Glass

Without a doubt, this is the most unusual wine glass you’ll ever use. It’s stemless, for starters… and it features two sensuous dimples that let you hold the glass with your thumb and forefinger. It has lots of volume to capture the aroma, and you can swirl the wine without fear of spilling. Your fingers may warm the wine a bit over time, but not nearly as much as grasping the bowl of a standard wine glass with your hand.

This wine glass is eggshell thin, and rings like a bell if you tap it.

This one is my personal favorite for everyday use – no other glass combines its compact height, large volume, and design elegance. The Riedel Stemless Tasting Glass may be great for solo tasting in your wine cellar (or kitchen), but your friends will envy you when they see it. Don’t just get one unless you like to share!

Riedel O Sommelier Cabernet/Bordeaux Stemless Wine Glass

Riedel O Sommelier Cabernet/Bordeaux Stemless Wine Glass

Riedel’s newest “O” Stemless Wine Glasses are hand blown of 24% lead crystal with two distinct impressions. To hold them let your thumb and forefinger nestle in the niches and swirl the wine to aerate and release its aromas. With your wine glass secure you won’t smudge the beautifully clear crystal or warm up the perfectly chilled Chardonnay or properly cellared Bordeaux.7’H 18 1/2oz Attention California residents. Proposition 65 WARNING.

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  1. The size and shape enhances the appreciation of Cabernets, and a thumb indentation in the side and an index finger indentation in the bottom help provide a secure grasp.

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