Wine Gift Ideas

Wine Cellar Wine Glass Charms (Set of 6)I love this season, because all sorts of wonderful wine accessories pop up in stores.  Plus, it’s a time of year when you can get something a little odd or extravagant.  I searched my own accessories plus a variety of sites to come up with some clever ideas for a few wine-lover oriented gifts! Continue reading “Wine Gift Ideas”

Boxxle: Elegant Box Wine Dispenser

Boxxle boxed wine dispenser
Boxxle for boxed wine
We box wine enthusiasts love the good parts of boxed wines: freshness for weeks after opening, minimal storage space, low environmental impact, and better-than-bottle pricing. But we have to admit there are a few annoyances (beyond lacking the satisfaction of extracting a cork). For one, getting the last glass or so out of the box requires extracting the inner bag and squeezing it into a glass. Second, since the wine is dispensed by gravity, the spigot is at the bottom of the box – you either have to set the box on the edge of your counter or table or place it on some kind of platform to pour into a glass. Boxxle may be the answer!

The idea behind Boxxle is simple enough – here’s a video from Kickstarter, where Boxxle founder Tripp Middleton is seeking enough orders to fund their production: Continue reading “Boxxle: Elegant Box Wine Dispenser”

Wine Labels Make Gift Giving Fun

Need to take a bottle of wine to a party and want to stand out from the rest of the bottles the host gets? Well, you could show up with a nicely aged bottle of Opus One, which should only set you back a few hundred bucks… or, you could grab a bottle something way more pedestrian and slap a $3.95 Cerebral Itch wine label on the bottle.

These labels will cover most original labels entirely, and their humorous designs will demonstrate that you are a guest with a wit. An added bonus is that the labels have a space to write who the bottle is from. As an occasional party-giver, I often find a bottle brought by a guest that was delivered with no card or got separated from its wine-bag. The Cerebral Itch wine labels will ensure that you get full credit for your hostess gift. Of course, if you used the label to cover up a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, letting the hosts know who brought it may not be at the top of your priority list.

Cerebral Itch offers dozens of designs to celebrate occasions ranging from birthdays to divorces. The labels can be removed without damaging the original label.

Wine Preservation

We’re about to venture into the world of Argon wine preservation… We’re ordering the gas injection system (which comes with two stoppers) and some addtional cartridges. These are shown below. We’ll report back on our findings.

PEK Preservino Portable Wine Preservation

PEK Preservino Portable Wine Preservation

PEK Preservino makes wine preservation portable. Enjoy wine by the glass without the pressure to finish an uncorked bottle. This portable wine preservation devise keeps your bottle at the peak of freshness in just 3-easy steps. Insert the nozzle in to the custom cork inject the gas and remove the nozzle…and you’re all done! High-purity argon preserves your wine for days to follow. Includes two reusable custom corks and one argon gas cartrridge. Boxed in handsome carrier to bring along to restaurants or to give as a great wine lover’s gift. Size: 2’H x 10- ‘W x 7’D

PEK Argon Gas Cartridges (Set of 4)

PEK Argon Gas Cartridges (Set of 4)

The PEK argon gas cartridges can be used on any PEK wine preservation product to help preserve your open bottle of wine for a week or more. Each argon gas cartrdige preserves approximately 15 open wine bottles and works by flooding your wine bottle with inert gas. Use recommended bottle stopper and place your bottle in airtight chamber. PEK not only prevents oxidation but it controls the temperature of your wine with ease. Set of 4 Argon gas cartridges Actual life of cartridge will vary depending on the amount of wine left in each bottle being preserved.

PEK Preservino Wine Preservation Bottle Stoppers

PEK Preservino Wine Preservation Bottle Stoppers

Additional PEK wine preservation stoppers specifically designed for the PEK Preservino portable wine preservation system. Sold as 2 per package.